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Comment here to leave me constructive criticism on how I play Clarissa. Is there something about how I play that irks you? Or maybe you don't like Clarissa as a character and would like to advise me on how I could improve her. All opinions and suggestions are welcome. Flames will be ignored and deleted.

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-Character Info:

Name: Clarissa Rennard
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Birthday: August 9th (Leo)
Hometown: Saffron City, Kanto
Trainer Class: Team Rocket Admin

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Thread with: Saturn (galactic_rings)
Where: Clarissa's quaint cabin on the outskirts of Aurora forest
Premise: pokedressing - CANON
When: The morning after the events of this thread.

Mistress Clarissa's cabin had never been so crowded. Haunter had sensed the extra presences in their tiny home the moment she broke out of her pokeball that morning to try and prod Clarissa toward the waking world. This was new and exciting! Several pokemon and one human...so many considering they never usually got guests! After more circling and poking Mistress - who just batted angrily in her sleep at the over-enthusastic Ghost pokemon and stayed stubbornly curled up with Clefairy clutched comfortingly to her chest (...Mistress why are you being so boring, they have guests!), Haunter decided she should properly welcome their new visitors.

Which translates as levitating directly above the male human newcomer while he sleeps, her face barely an inch above his.


...surprise, Saturn!